The End of Blogging- For Me!

When I started this blog, I told myself, and my husband, that I would do it for 6 months! And that time has now come. So many times in my life, I have wanted to quit things way before I should have, but this time I promised to give myself 6 months. Enough time to... Continue Reading →

How to Make Dreaded Tasks More FUN!!!

As far as I know, most of us have a handful of dreaded tasks that we have to do, on a pretty regular basis. Cleaning the bathrooms. Driving to work. Folding laundry. And we probably don’t enjoy these tasks, as least not as much, as some of the other “fun” activities in our lives. Things... Continue Reading →

9 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting the Journey of Minimalism

Minimalism. A word we hear a lot, yet has many meanings associated with it. Whether you believe minimalism is about owning less stuff. Simplifying your life. Getting rid of what you don’t want. Or focusing only on what you do want. The results for any journey of minimalism will probably be the same: more clarity,... Continue Reading →

My Fall & Winter Minimal Wardrobe- 11 Pieces!

As promised, I am finally showcasing my fall & winter minimal wardrobe! I typically follow the idea of a 10-item wardrobe, based off Jennifer L. Scott’s book “Lessons from Madame Chic” and her very popular TedX talk. Both of these inspired me to pare down my clothing, and only keep the bare minimum. Those pieces... Continue Reading →

Tis The Season…….. 31 Days of Giving: Free Printables!

December is almost here, a chance to look back and reflect on how the year has gone. An opportunity to reprioritize and prepare yourself, for a brand new and hopefully better year! So, what better way to end 2017, than doing a monthly challenge focused specifically on helping others? 31 Days of Giving! Using our... Continue Reading →

All About Bali

As most of you know, I recently took a trip to Bali, Indonesia with my husband and daughter. A chance to travel, explore, see new things, and have fun as a family. However, what we planned for our vacation, and what actually happened during vacation, were completely the opposite. While I imagined Bali to be... Continue Reading →

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