Change It Up! 30 Days to Try New Things

October’s monthly challenge was to read. So, I spent the last month reading, relaxing and catching up on some much-needed quiet time. While I have developed a great new habit, and have caught up on a lot of reading. I am ready for some change. A little more adventure, excitement, and variety. So, I have decided that for the next month, my challenge is to try new things. Different things. Every single day. Things I have never done, seen, or experienced before.

The new things I do may be simple, like trying a new recipe, or ordering a different dish at my favorite restaurants. But, I may also decide to really change things up, and explore a new part of the island. Attend a new class. Try out a new activity. Or travel to a new country. It doesn’t matter what I choose, what matters is that they are new. Different. A change. And a chance for my body, mind, and heart, to experience something unfamiliar.

Why You Need to Try New Things

While for some people, trying new things may seem easy. They are accustomed to change, variety, and mixing things up. But for others, this may be difficult. They are used to their routine, and their own ways of doing things. Regardless, depending on the changes you choose, it can be scary for anybody, but that’s exactly why we do it.

We all have a box where we are comfortable, safe. And every time we do something new, different, or unfamiliar, it makes our box a little bigger. We become confident and comfortable with more things. So, what used to be uncomfortable, new, or scary, is now normal or familiar for us. The more we can step out, try new things, and have different experiences, the more our comfort zones will grow.

Here’s an Extremely Simplified Example:

Someone who is comfortable only eating at McDonalds, every single day.

do things different

But then they try out Wendy’s.

change things up

And then they eat at Burger King too……

try something new

While I know this is super simple, and only based on fast food restaurants, but I think you get the point. The more that you experience, do, or try new things, the more comfortable you will become with them. Your comfort box will grow bigger and bigger. And you will inevitably be able to handle more.

So, try new things. Don’t worry about the new things you’re thinking about trying, just do them. And in case you need ideas on how to change things up, I’ve made a list. There are 30 different suggestions. You may decide to do a new one every single day, so that what you’re doing constantly changes. Or you may want to focus on just one, and keep changing it up. So, try a new food each day. Make a new recipe every day. Or else, change your course completely, one day focused on food, then on books, and then on going to new places. The options are endless, and completely up to you.

30 Ideas to Change It Up & Do Things Differently

1) go to a new restaurant
2) order a new food dish
3) travel to a new country
4) visit a new city
5) explore part of your town that you’ve never been to
6) find a new park
7) make a new recipe
8) meet a new friend
9) do your hair differently
10) wear new clothing
11) change your workout
12) attend a new class
13) watch a new movie
14) try out a different TV show
15) read a new book
16) rearrange your home in a new way
17) play a new game
18) drink a different beverage
19) buy new grocery products
20) shop at a new store
21) do a new yoga pose
22) take a new route to work
23) sleep on the other side of the bed
24) change up your morning/ evening routine
25) eat at different times
26) complete a new journal entry
27) do your makeup differently
28) read a new magazine
29) try a new hobby
30) download a new app

Of course, there are many more, but this will get you started. And like I mentioned, you may decide to try all of these suggestions, only a few, or create some of your own. Regardless, have fun doing things differently, and filling your life with new opportunities. Who knows, if you try new things, you may develop a new passion, learn something new, or find a new friend. Here’s to changing things up!

so many changes

What new things would you like to do or try out?







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