20 Gifts Under $20

As we all know Christmas is just around the corner. An opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and find that perfect present. While I know, and genuinely believe, that the holiday season is not all about gifts and spending money. It’s still something I enjoy. Make gift-giving something you can enjoy as well, by finding the perfect present. And I can help. I’ve found 20 gifts under $20, which I am sure will inspire your gift-giving spirit.

We all know that I am a minimalist. I have a 10-item wardrobe, and most of my time and money gets spent on travel or experiences. Not things. Therefore, any material items that I recommend, must be quite spectacular. Things I genuinely believe in, things I would actually buy myself, or things I already own.

So, here is my criteria for the gifts I recommend:

  • I am only selecting a total of 20 items (more choice equals more confusion)
  • Each gift is under $20 (US)
  • Presents fit into one of 4 groups (kids, men, women, general)
  • Each item must have a practical purpose (often more than one)
  • The gifts may not fit into society’s expectation of a “good” gift
  • Most items are available through Amazon for easy shipping (just click on the image or title)

20 Gifts Under $20


Giraffes Can’t Dance

I first found this book at a library, checking it out to read with my daughter. Since then, it has been the best book I’ve read to her. Ever. Perfect length, important message, and actually fun to read.

Mega Blocks

If I am going to buy toys, I want them to last a while, be played with in a variety of ways, while not requiring much maintenance. This is exactly why I love Legos and blocks. And probably why they’ve been around so long. I only suggested the larger ones as I have a smaller child who loves them, along with my husband. Plus, they can’t get lost or stuck between your toes as easily.

Yoga Pretzel CardsI am a yoga instructor and educator, so I’ve seen the importance of teaching yoga to kids. These cards are visually appealing, provide instruction, activities, meaning, and child-friendly pictures to a variety of poses. May also be used with grown-ups as well, so get moving, and  have fun together as a family

Labyrinth Game

Truthfully, I played this game as a child. And still do. Yet so many people haven’t heard of it. The purpose is to move yourself through a labyrinth maze, collecting certain character pieces as you go. Each turn allows you to shift the walls of the maze, leading you along different paths. Strategy, creativity, perseverance, and fun.

Foam Pogo Jumper

Kids need to spend less time on technology, and more time moving their bodies. Being active. Why not buy a toy that encourages fitness, and can be used indoors, outdoors, with younger kids, older kids, even adults?


Rich Dad Poor Dad

I always recommend books, even to men. While many men may not read, I believe the best ones do. Besides, this book is all about money, saving, spending, investing, and important financial lessons. And it’s my husband’s favorite book. What guy couldn’t benefit from a better understanding of money?

Beef Jerky Sampler

My dad tells me that to this day, his favorite present was a beef jerky of the month subscription. Obviously that kind of gift costs more than $20, which is why I prefer to settle for a sampler pack. They still get their meat, along with some variety.

Screwdriver Set
Most men like tools. And these tools can be very useful when assembling furniture, fixing cars, or any house maintenance in general. This screwdriver set is a steal, from a well-known reliable brand, and includes any possible piece you might need. Even my husband was impressed, and he has every tool (so I thought).

Men’s Grooming Kit
Believe it or not, men have grooming needs too. Washing, shaving, chapped lips, and this kit covers it all. Cruelty-free company, complete with everything a man may need. And nothing that he doesn’t.


From what I know, men love to grill and barbecue. Let them always look like cooking champs with an all-purpose rub. Greats for meats, vegetables, and anything else they decide to put on the grill. Complete with a manly name- Killer Hogs!


Lessons from Madame Chic
Still one of my favorite books to this day. Full of extremely useful, helpful, and inspirational ideas that the author learned while living in Paris. Includes laugh-out loud personal stories, along with the simplicities of Parisian life. However, if the lady in your life is not so Parisian friendly, I wrote a whole post about books, where you’re sure to find another one.

Dessert for Two
Most women I know love desserts and sweets. And if by chance they don’t, I am sure they love making them for others. This recipe book includes a host of desserts that produce smaller batches, allowing one to enjoy their sweet tooth, without over-eating or creating waste. Indulge in baking and sweets, knowing you’ll be making the perfect amount.

Leaf Necklace

As I wrote in a previous post, I don’t just buy anything. I spend my time looking for exactly what I want. And this necklace was something I spent forever looking for, and it hasn’t let me down. Simple, classic leaf design, doesn’t tarnish, can be altered to a variety of lengths, and goes with absolutely everything. I actually wear mine all the time. Yoga. Running. Showering. Swimming. Formal Galas. Date nights. Everywhere.

Shea Moisture Bubble Bath

Most women love to relax and unwind, so what better way than with sweet scented bubbles, which also double as a body wash? This brand is family-based, cruelty-free, and offers a great range of hair, body, and beauty products. Maybe try out more than one.

The Yoga Collective

As already stated, I am a yoga instructor, but I even enjoy taking classes myself. The Yoga Collective offers a $12 monthly subscription to unlimited online classes, with a variety of instructors, time lengths, and purposes. Plus, they give you a 15-day trial period to see if you like it. So, simply look up what you would like to work on, your time availability, and level of expertise. You will then be given endless options that meet your criteria, allowing you to control your practice, your time, and have yoga your way!


The Alchemist

As always, I will recommend books. Reading helps strengthen you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so picking up a book never hurts. This is a classic, and one I have kept since first reading it over 7 years ago. An inspiring and adventurous read by the famous Paulo Coelho.

Bamboo Serving Set

While serving and kitchen items are often reserved for women, this set proves very multi-functional. Useful for a variety of ages, genders, and preferences. Whether salsa and chips, crackers and cheese, or veggies and dip. A perfect combination of purpose and practicality, when it comes to entertaining.


One can never go wrong with tea. Even if someone doesn’t drink it, they will inevitably serve tea for guests, sick loved ones, or as a warm up on a cold day. This set offers a variety of the classic tea flavors, complete with an organized box, beautifully displaying the options.

Food Baskets

These perfectly prepared food boxes go along way for the unprepared gift giver. Something for someone who you may not know well. But since we all know that people like to eat, this gift will definitely serve its purpose. Plus it looks good too!


Everyone knows this game. Everyone loves this game. Great for adults, and children, a small crowd, or a large crowd. Have fun with family, friends, and the neighbors.

*Please note that gifts were listed at $20 and under while researched, prices may have changed over time!

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