Thanks for Not Judging Me

Probably one of the best compliments to give or receive is that which I heard today. While buying a new computer, the sales lady shared with me that her 2 young kids (1 & 3) go to daycare while she works part-time. Instead of rolling my eyes or just nodding, I told her that was... Continue Reading →

Finding a Place of Authenticity

“The best advice I’ve ever heard is don’t take anyone else’s advice.” We were all created unique, one of a kind, with individual interests, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. However, these special and important gifts often get lost within the crowd. Too many people are copying what others are doing, instead of making an investment in... Continue Reading →

How to Accept Your Bad Habits or Make the Decision to Change them

No one needs to be told exactly what their flaws are, or what habits they should change. Every single one of us already knows. We are all well aware of our imperfections and shortcomings, in fact we are the ones that have deal with them everyday. There is an abundance of information out there telling... Continue Reading →

Creating Your OWN Meal Plan

Yes, it is possible to create and develop your very own meal plan, meal schedule or meal routine. In fact it is so easy, it only has one step: Do whatever works for you to get meals on the table!   Of course, this is often easier said than done. Most people just want to... Continue Reading →

How to Decide whether to go Back to Work or Stay at Home

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Motherhood is full of choices, including whether to work or stay at home with kids. Some ladies know right away that they want to spend all day with their children, while others believe they would never last all day at home. Some women are so indecisive about the issue that they jump... Continue Reading →

Accepting our Food Preferences

I am a Pickitarian! What does it mean? Read and find out. Nowadays there are so many terms designated for people who only eat certain things. There are vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, people who don't eat carbs and people who only eat carbs. There's paleo, Atkins and a host of other names to explain and define... Continue Reading →

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