Change v.s Routine

When it comes to raising children, what is better, change or routine? It is Father's Day today. A day dedicated to the love, strength and special bond that fathers possess with their children. We celebrated by going on a beautiful hike out in nature, with the full intent of returning in time for lunch and... Continue Reading →

Passions that Make you Feel Alive

After watching the movie Julie & Julia, the topic of passion came into the forefront. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it, the plot revolves around France and eating delicious food- enough said. The main characters Julie and Julia really demonstrate their true passion of cooking and food. All of their... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Body Related Obsessions

Let Go of Those Body Obsessions that Hold You Back Based on the title of my blog and other posts I have done, it is very well known that I like change. While this may be true, there are certain areas of life that can be difficult to change or get rid of, one being... Continue Reading →

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