3 Things I Wish I Had Known About Yoga

  We have all heard of yoga. Whether we practice regularly, have taken a class or 2, or only know about yoga through television. It’s everywhere.  It has become so mainstream, that often the beauty of the practice gets forgotten. So to help bring back that beautiful essence, I want to share with you, the... Continue Reading →

Tired of People Who Cancel, Bail & Flake Out? Don’t Be That Friend….

I know that I typically  like to be accepting, and come from the heart. But I also like to be honest and real. To put things out in the open where they should be. Which brings me to this topic: Are you tired of people who cancel, bail and flake out? I am. So, let’s... Continue Reading →

To My Beautiful Baby Girl- A Letter of Love

A Love Letter for My Daughter To My Beautiful Baby Girl, I love you. I accept you. And I appreciate you. Exactly as you are. I need you to know this, and understand this, with every ounce of your being. Because of all the things I might teach you, this is my number one: “You... Continue Reading →

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