Be a Better Shopper. Tips to Make Your Purchasing Power Count!

After writing a post about decision making, I thought I’d focus on a decision we all make on a continual basis. Shopping. Purchasing. Spending money. As a society, we love to shop. Whether for shoes, clothes, makeup or groceries. We buy a lot of stuff. And every purchase we make produces a ripple effect. Not... Continue Reading →

Take Charge of Your Life by Acknowledging It’s Not Luck, It’s Choice!

So many of us have said or used the statement, “You’re So Lucky,” when describing someone else or their situation. But most times, it's not luck, it's choice. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told “you’re so lucky….”. And I can’t remember how many times I’ve said it as well. This is meant... Continue Reading →

When it Comes to Clothing, Less is More. Bring on the 10-Item Wardrobe.

I’ve always been a shopper, especially when it came to clothes. I was constantly wanting, searching and buying new pieces. Hoping to get my look just right. Or fill some sort of void. My closet would get more packed, but I’d still feel like I had “nothing” to wear. Most items I purchased would get... Continue Reading →

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