35 Fun Things to Do that are Free. Families, Friends & Couples!

As you may have heard, the challenge for September is no eating out. And part of that includes saving money. Therefore, if I can’t eat out, and don’t want to be spending more money than I have to. What else can I do? In order to prevent me and my family from getting bored or... Continue Reading →

To My Beautiful Baby Girl- A Letter of Love

A Love Letter for My Daughter To My Beautiful Baby Girl, I love you. I accept you. And I appreciate you. Exactly as you are. I need you to know this, and understand this, with every ounce of your being. Because of all the things I might teach you, this is my number one: “You... Continue Reading →

Be a Better Shopper. Tips to Make Your Purchasing Power Count!

After writing a post about decision making, I thought I’d focus on a decision we all make on a continual basis. Shopping. Purchasing. Spending money. As a society, we love to shop. Whether for shoes, clothes, makeup or groceries. We buy a lot of stuff. And every purchase we make produces a ripple effect. Not... Continue Reading →

After Reading 100 Books, Here are my Top 7 Picks to Simplify Your Summer Reading!

So I set myself a goal to read 100 books. And it took me over 6 years to get there. After finally completing the mission, I figured I would share my top picks with all of you. Even though a lot of books were read. Many genres were explored. And endless hours were spent reading.... Continue Reading →

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