Celebrate the Small Victories

Every little bit counts when it comes to success, achieving our goals and moving forwards with our lives. Nothing is too small to celebrate. After all, it is so easy to get discouraged when every step forward is met with 3 steps back. We wonder if we’ll ever get a break, or if there will always be something propelling us away from where we want to go. Truthfully, you will be sent backwards, over, and over, and over again. Falling, stumbling and making mistakes helps us grow, but also shows the commitment we have, and how badly we want something.  Doubt will show up, along with complaining, frustration, and the desire to quit. But we cant, and wont.

Why? Because that’s how bad we want it.

To push past the hesitation, fear, uncertainty and feelings of defeat, we need to remain focused on all the good. All we have done, all we have accomplished, and all the times we moved forwards instead of backwards. Seeing our successes is motivating, even if we are still not exactly where we want to be.

I was recently having an off day, feeling unaccomplished and uninspired. My husband tried to make me feel better by reminding me that I got out of bed. Of course I got offended, wondering why getting out of bed is a success he would even bother mentioning. But he replied with genuine truth “you need to celebrate the small victories too.”

While I don’t consider getting out of bed a victory, my mind was still blown. I didn’t ever look at it that way. Every. Single. Little. Thing we do that brings us closer to our goals is great, no matter how small and insignificant. In fact, noticing and appreciating these small steps can do wonders for our attitude and motivation. The more we see all the good we are doing, the more likely we will continue to do more good.  But if we are feeling down, and not good enough, we will be more likely to quit, and that is not what we want. “Rest, take a break, but don’t quit.”

So celebrate Every. Single. Tiny. Victory you accomplish. If you’re trying to get in shape and you walk for 1 minute- celebrate!! If you’re trying to keep a clean home and you wash one dish- hooray!!!!! And when you get out of bed, whenever that is- smile, because getting up puts you one step closer to where you want to be. Nothing is too small or insignificant to be proud of. After all, a castle gets built, only one brick at a time.


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  1. Yassss Terra!!! Sometimes I feel like you just get me when I read your blog posts. Thank you for being you, I love your honesty!!
    Celebrate every little victory <3

    1. Thanks Meghan! Great to hear that someone else feels and thinks about similar things too!! 😉 It always nice knowing you’re not alone.

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