Why “So Many Changes” was Created!

I, Terra Bryant, started this blog exactly 3 months ago. And what a journey it has been. I have had good days and bad days. Days where I wanted to quit, and days where I couldn’t stop writing. I have inspired and entertained people, while also unintentionally offending them. But I know this is only the beginning!

Since starting this adventure, many questions have come up, either in my own head, or by other people. Things like, why “So Many Changes” was created? How did I come up with the name? Where do I find my topics to write about? And what do I plan on doing or getting from my blog? So here are the answers, along with an opportunity to learn more about me, my blog, and how much I appreciate you as a reader!

Why “So Many Changes” Was Created

As a lover of reading, I have read endless books. I even spent 6 years working towards my goal of reading 100 books, which I wrote about here. And after reading so many touching stories, I decided my own story might inspire others, the same way others’ have inspired me.

So, my goal at some point, is to be a New York Times Bestselling author. That way my story and words can hopefully reach more people, to inspire, entertain, or impact. With this big of a goal in mind, I figured I better get started. So, creating this blog has helped me to put myself out there, practice writing more, connect with others, and share my words with the world. If I don’t feel comfortable writing small pieces for a small audience, what will happen when I have a big book, and an even bigger crowd?

Now I don’t read many blogs myself, and I honestly knew nothing about them until I started my own. “So Many Changes” definitely wasn’t something I planned on doing, it just happened. One day something inside me, whether God, my intuition, or my inner spirit, told me to start a blog. So, I did. That same day, I looked up instructions on Google. Paid for a host. Got a WordPress theme. And started writing. That was it. A simple, quick, and spontaneous decision.

How Did I Come up with the Name?

“So Many Changes” is not by coincidence, but it’s basically the story of my life. One change after another. I have changed jobs, from teacher and educator, to personal trainer, Airbnb host, employment consultant, and stay-at-home mom. Where I live has changed- Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, California, and now Japan. With all these different locations, my friends and hobbies inevitably changed, along with my priorities, and even my heart.

Despite the lack of consistency in my life, change is something that has definitely always been there. So, when I was thinking up names, I didn’t want to be focused on only one idea or topic. I am constantly changing, my life is constantly changing, and now my blog is a reflection of that. Changing images, changing topics, and changing opinions. After all, the only constant thing in life is change, so we might as well embrace it.

Where Do I Find My Topics to Write About?

Just like I stated above, I am full of changes. There isn’t one place, person, or idea, that I get my topics from. I will write about anything, I just don’t want to write about the same stuff. I want to change it up. So, if I write about motherhood stuff on Monday, then Thursday better be something completely different. If I have a very personal post, the next one usually won’t be. Typically, if I think, feel, or am going through something, someone else is as well.

The main idea that defines my stories is my theme, my slogan, my joie de vivre of writing, which is:

Embrace the beauty of change. Open, honest, and imperfect blogger, writing about life, love, laughter, and less stuff.

This centers me and reminds me that I can be imperfect. That as long as I am open and honest with myself, my writing will reflect that. And with life, love, and laughter, there’s nothing else I really need. Except maybe less stuff- less stress, less worry, less possessions, and less things I need to do.

What Do I Plan on Doing or Getting from my Blog?

Well, I plan to be a millionaire and live in the south of France on a vineyard. Hahaha, no! If you can tell, money is not why I blog. I am probably one of the very few sites, that is not covered with ads. If I wanted money, I would be doing ads, along with more sponsored posts, and product reviews. But I don’t. I blog because I love it. I enjoy expressing myself through words, finding the exact way to say something, and most importantly, inspiring others. It also helps me to my practice writing, put myself out there, and connect with an audience. And as my audience, you must know I appreciate everything you do!

Thanks to everyone who:

  • Likes my posts
  • Makes a comment: good or bad- it’s nice to know people are reading
  • Shares my work- it’s the only way for others to join in
  • Connects with me- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Subscribes to my blog
  • Lets me know in any way that you are reading 😉

Thanks for your love and support!



Remember, I post every Monday and Thursday so hopefully I will see you back here!






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