Minimal Makeup Routine. Less Products. Less Time

I am not big into beauty. At all.  Rarely do I put on makeup, and my hair is typically in a ponytail. Thus, the appeal of a 2-minute minimal makeup routine. I use a few products. It only takes a few minutes. And I am done. In fact, every beauty product I own fits into one small makeup bag (which I wrote about here). I can look somewhat put together and presentable, without harboring endless beauty products, or wasting my valuable time. So those of you that love mountains of makeup, you might not love this post.

simple makeup routine
ALL of the Beauty Products that I Own.

Minimal Makeup Routine

So many of my friends are into makeup. They love testing out new eyeshadow colors, and trying different lipstick shades. They enjoy the process of applying their makeup, and learning new looks to create. I envied them. I so badly wanted to be into makeup. But I wasn’t. And believe me, I tried.

I have taken several makeup courses and classes, believing that educating myself might make me fall in love with makeup. No luck. Next, I figured I would just buy more makeup. If I had lots of different products, I might have more fun with them, and be inspired to play around with my look. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen either. I even tried matching my makeup color, with the color of my clothes, which only made me look like a clown. It seemed no matter what I did, I always ended up at the same spot: not really giving a @#$% about makeup.

While I love the images that makeup can create. And I love how wonderful women can look, with a little help from makeup. I just couldn’t do it. Or wouldn’t do it. Yet, I still wanted to look put together. I still wanted to appear flawless, like the many women who actually do their makeup. So, I decided I would simplify. Minimize. Rather than try to create hundreds of looks, or use hundreds of products. I would stick to only a few. The basics. A minimal makeup routine. Because someone who is not super into beauty, doesn’t need a lot. A little goes a long way.

Minimal Makeup Products

I ended up getting rid of all of my makeup. Everything. So, I could start fresh. From scratch. I decided from the beginning, exactly what products I would use, and those I wouldn’t. After much debate, trial and error, these are my go-to basics for a 2- minute minimal makeup face.

Colored lip-gloss. Blush. Mascara.

simple beauty

That is it. Most times when I decide to wear makeup, these are the only products I use and need. They are all cruelty-free. And from companies with good employee and work conditions. Which can all be ordered or researched through:

What about fancier occasions? What if I need to dress myself up a little bit more? Usually, I don’t. But if that happens, I am prepared. I purchased one small eyeshadow palette, that has all the colors I believe I would need. Along with a compact foundation. No eyeliner. No concealer. And no bronzer, powder, highlighter, or primer. Just the basics. The rare chance that I might need more, isn’t worth hanging onto a bunch of products. I just use what I have and it works. Beautifully.

simple makeup

So, should you simplify your makeup collection and routine?

I would say yes. Even to those who love makeup and beauty. I am all about learning to let go. But everyone is different. If you know what you love, stick to it. If you haven’t found that out yet, keep looking. I learned that I don’t love makeup, so I wear it rarely, using only the basics. And that works for me. Find what works for you.

Will you miss having more makeup?

Maybe. But probably not. Whenever you do decide to wear makeup, it will be easy. Fast and quick, since there isn’t much to think about. And there aren’t many products to use. Besides, if you didn’t really use much of your makeup before, you probably won’t use or miss the products afterwards. You will use what you have. And still love it.

How do you decide what products to use?

This could be a lot of trial and error. But it is also personal preference. My sister doesn’t like lots of makeup either, but she focuses on her face. Foundation, concealer, and powder. That’s it. She wants to give her skin a flawless finish. But no eyes or lips or cheeks. Just face. I don’t like stuff all over my face and prefer to focus on the whole package. A little lip, eye, and cheek. That’s it for me. So, determine what products matter the most to you!

so many changes

What are your go-to beauty products? Do you have a beauty routine you stick to?








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