Monthly Challenge: How to Find Time to Read Every Single Day!

October is almost here, so it’s time for another challenge. Merriam-Webster defines a challenge, as “a stimulating task or problem.” So this month, I’ve decided to make the challenge more stimulating- mentally. To spend the month reading books- any genre. Just make sure you find time to read a book, every single day.

Last month, the task was to not eat out for an entire month. And to be honest, living in Japan made this easy. I wasn’t craving any food, or missing out on much, but I did cheat once. It was a very good friend’s birthday, and she really wanted to go out for dinner, so I went. We are humans- perfectly flawed. Maybe October’s challenge will be different.

Find Time to Read. Every. Single. Day.

Although reading is something I already do, I want to make it more of a habit. It is so easy to get preoccupied with parenting, blogging, errands, and normal everyday life, that I forget the things I enjoy most. I forget the simplicity of slowing down, sipping tea, and savoring the escape that comes through reading a good book.Therefore why not make it a challenge? A way to get myself to read more, especially since I enjoy it so much.

This is a task that anyone can participate in. Whether you read in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night. If you read for 5 minutes or 50. Mystery, suspense, romance, self-help or fantasy, there’s a genre for everyone. Go to the library, read books you already own, borrow from friends, or invest in some new books. Just get reading. Every. Single. Day.

Tips to Get You Started:

Give Yourself Permission

If any of you are like me, I first have to tell myself it’s okay to read. It’s okay to spend time doing something just for me. Something outside of motherhood, work, chores, the home. Give yourself this same permission. Allow yourself the break, the escape, the time. Without feeling guilty. The other things that “need” to get done, will still be there afterwards.

Pick a Time

Decide which time of the day will allow you to read on a consistent, regular basis. For me, this is right before bed. I skip extra television, and go to bed a little earlier, just to get my reading in. I may also do some reading at naptime, But I am not always consistent with that, which is why right before bed has become my norm. Choose your time, and try to stick with it. Every. Single. Day.

Get Some Good Books

Honestly if you’re not excited about the books you’re reading, you probably won’t read them. And if by chance you do still read crap books, you probably won’t for long. Why?  The more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you are to continue doing it. So, find some good books, ones you will really enjoy reading. I actually keep a list on my phone of all the books I want to read, and eventually I get to them, one-by-one.

find time to read

Think of the Why?

You can’t just read because, Terra on her blog told you too. Do it because “you” want too. Because it’s something you believe, would positively impact your life. For me, I already know my why’s. I have been trying to read books more often, and I am loving it. I forgot how much I enjoy a good book, and the quiet time by myself. Plus, I also know the mental and creative benefits that come from reading. So, if you decide to do this challenge, think of your why’s.

Share your Challenge

Tell others about your reading challenge. This will help hold you more accountable. It will also encourage others to join in on the challenge with you. Sharing your reading provides good conversation, and something to talk about with friends. Rather than the same- kids, weather- work. Talk about what you’re reading and why. Hear what others are reading. Share opinions, experiences, and the journeys your books have taken you.

Hopefully, when October is over, reading will already be a habit. Something you look forward to, and want to continue doing. And if by chance you already read everyday- great- read longer, change up your genres, or find a way to make your reading time extra special this month. I have left some resources below, to help deepen your love for reading, and this challenge.


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Reading quotes to inspire you along your journey:

read every single day

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