Accepting our Food Preferences

I am a Pickitarian! What does it mean? Read and find out.

Nowadays there are so many terms designated for people who only eat certain things. There are vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, people who don’t eat carbs and people who only eat carbs. There’s paleo, Atkins and a host of other names to explain and define people’s diets and food preferences.

I always considered myself vegetarian, I do not like meat, I do not eat meat. But what happens after people learn this about me is they start asking questions, acting like I am a new found species needing further investigation: do you eat eggs- sometimes but I don’t like them. Do you eat fish- no. Do you eat cheese- yes I love it. Do you drink eat milk- yes. And the list goes on.

I am not asking other people exactly what they eat or don’t eat, so why are they asking me? Probably because I placed myself into a certain category, one of which some people probably know very little about. This is why I have started telling people that I am a pickitarian. I am picky with my food, some things I like and other things I don’t.

Basically anyone can use this term as it explains that we all have different food preferences, which makes us unique. People cannot be clumped into categories, especially when not everyone is familiar with the meaning. In addition, separating people based off certain things they may or may not eat just creates division. Besides, most people don’t completely fit into one category anyways, but several. Therefore using the term pickitarian removes all classifications, allows us to be as picky as we want, and not have to explain anything!




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