5 Tips to Enjoy Eating & Savor Food Without Guilt

If I am honest with myself. I love food, and I love to eat. Whether pizza and pasta, or nachos and quesadillas. Fresh-made sandwiches, soups, or the never-ending options for dessert. I really enjoy eating delicious and well-prepared foods, no matter how healthy or unhealthy they may be. However, I haven’t always felt this way.... Continue Reading →

Creating Your OWN Meal Plan

Yes, it is possible to create and develop your very own meal plan, meal schedule or meal routine. In fact it is so easy, it only has one step: Do whatever works for you to get meals on the table!   Of course, this is often easier said than done. Most people just want to... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Body Related Obsessions

Let Go of Those Body Obsessions that Hold You Back Based on the title of my blog and other posts I have done, it is very well known that I like change. While this may be true, there are certain areas of life that can be difficult to change or get rid of, one being... Continue Reading →

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