How to Make Dreaded Tasks More FUN!!!

As far as I know, most of us have a handful of dreaded tasks that we have to do, on a pretty regular basis. Cleaning the bathrooms. Driving to work. Folding laundry. And we probably don’t enjoy these tasks, as least not as much, as some of the other “fun” activities in our lives. Things... Continue Reading →

Things Could Always Be Worse!

With thanksgiving in the air, I’ve decided to focus on gratitude, and the fact that we, as a society, are spoiled. Yes! You, me, your partner, probably your child, and even your neighbor. All spoiled. As first world citizens, it is easy to forget what we have, and how blessed we really are. Everyday we... Continue Reading →

True Happiness Comes From the Inside (Where it Matters Most)

Happiness is a practice, a skill, and a way of being, that develops from the inside-out. Feeling joyful on a regular, consistent basis takes time, heart work, and lots of self acceptance. How do I know this? Because it's taken me years to realize that I, myself,  haven't been genuinely happy. I worked so hard... Continue Reading →

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