10 Women Cliques To Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Truthfully, I’ve never fit in. Ever. Anywhere. And I have lived in a lot of places, and in a lot of countries. Sure, I always had friends, but never a group of my own. Surrounded by women cliques, but never really part of one. I thought things would be different as I got older, as I became more secure, or even after I had a child of my own. But no. Cliques are real, and definitely don’t stop after high school.

A clique is defined by Merriam-Webster as a narrow, exclusive circle or group of persons. Which is probably why I am never part of one. They are exclusive, meaning only certain people can join the circle, myself typically not included. Then they are narrow, which allows for only so many people to be part of them. However, you look at the definition, it’s only slim pickings.

So, after meeting, befriending and getting to know a crap load of people throughout my life and travels, I’ve come across a lot of variety. Different people, groups, backgrounds, cultures, educations, and jobs. I’ve seen women cliques while single, taken, married, and as a mom. There is probably not a group that I haven’t seen. Granted, I am a female, my knowledge falls on women, so while I may have nothing to say about men’s’ social circles, I have a lot to say about women’s.

Here are the main women cliques that I have come across. Have fun laughing out loud and trying to decide which ones you fit into! If any!

The 10 Women Cliques

Working Women

This group is self-explanatory. These women work, whether at a long-standing careers, or at whatever job they can find. With kids or without. They work. This takes up most of their time, but can be a strong conversation piece for other women in the same career. But if you are not working, or not in the same field, find another group.

Stay at Home Moms

These women are all about motherhood. Nothing else. That is their passion, priority, and all that they care about. Friends, work, fitness, can go to the wayside, as children take precedence. So, if you have any other interests or passions besides your kids, move on out.

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The Rebels

These are women who don’t care if you have friends. They don’t even care if they have friends. Because they don’t really care about anything. Except maybe breaking the rules and marching to the beat of their own drum. Or guitar. Or trombone. They are not here to be nice, impress others or make friends. They are only here, I don’t even know why?

All-Organic- Natural- Green Group

These women are everywhere. Making homemade meals, from scratch snacks, and imposing their all-natural, organic, or vegan mantra on everyone. From the clothes they wear, to the foods they eat, and the activities they participate in. It’s all healthy, green, organic, good for you, and good for the environment. Which sounds amazing, but if you mess up and eat Oreos, watch out!

Religious Ladies

Women who will talk to you about their religion and beliefs, until you are blue in the face. Shoving your mouth with every verse, scripture, or book they can think of. They will do whatever they need to, to get you believing the exact same things that they do. Their religion is the best. So are their beliefs and lifestyle. Why? They must be God.

Mean Girls

Even as adults, there is still a group of mean girls. They gossip, eye roll, give disapproving looks, and externally share how you don’t measure up. There is always someone to judge, and something for them complain about. No matter who you are, or what you do, you will never fit in. You will not be good enough to be part of this group. This is where Regina George fits as an adult.

Fitness Fanatics

These women live for fitness, whether full time or part-time. They live at the gym, race to the yoga studio, pound the pavement, and do whatever they can to get stronger, faster, fitter. Competition is fierce. Your 3 times a week workouts, will not cut it here.

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Men Obsessed

This group of ladies is obsessed with men. They talk about guys, and with guys. They work hard to impress men, stare at them, and maybe one day be in a relationship with them. There isn’t a thought, idea, or action that doesn’t revolve around the opposite sex. So, if you’re a man, this could be the perfect company for you.


As you probably guessed, these women love themselves. And not in a confident, high self esteem sort of way, but an egotistical way. Just like the group obsessed with guys, these ladies are obsessed with themselves. Everything is me, me, me, and more me. What do they talk about? Themselves. Who do they post photos of? Themselves. What things do they care about most? Themselves. Obviously this group is only made of one.

Boring Bellas

These are women who don’t like to do anything. Wanna go swimming? It’s too cold. It’s too hot. I don’t like swimming. I’m busy. No matter what activity you suggest, there will always be a problem, excuse, or reason for them to not attend. Because they are boring. You don’t want to be part of this group.

Truthfully, I am laughing out loud as I write these. And as I read them over and over again, I am so happy not to be part of only one women clique. But to be part of them all. So, I will take my friends from each group, and have the best of all worlds. Somedays I will be career driven, or fitness obsessed. Other days I wanna be a rule breaker, or just sit at home and be boring. At least I know, whatever I choose, there will always be a wonderful women clique waiting for me!

And remember, this month is all about trying new things. So perhaps one of the new things you try, could be exploring a new clique!

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  1. As I was reading this I said to myself “that’s me.. that’s me.. oh wait that’s totally me” then I read your ending and cracked up haha! Glad to know I’m not the only one that does fit in, but also fits in every group

    1. Hahaha 😂 my friend said the same thing after reading it and she asked me “where do I fit?” I told her everywhere and nowhere! Same as me!

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